50 Fun Things to do while visiting Jerome Arizona


Watch in awe as sunset blazes across Sedona's Red Rocks.

Full moonrise over the red rocks of sedona arizona


Explore the vintage mining equipment at the Gold King Mine.

The Gold King Mine


Check out what's new from the artists in the Art Park.


Listen to great live music every weekend at 15.quince, the Spirit Room and Paul & Jerry's.

Live entertainment at 15.quince in jerome arizona


Buy some fudge for your pet-sitter, then go buy her some more after you've eaten it.


Visit the Jerome Library(you can check your e-mail).


See a glass-blowing demonstration at Raku Gallery.


Recharge your wardrobe at Retro Roadrunner, Magpie, or Designs on You.


Find a new family heirloom at Papillion Antiques or Victorian Treasures.


Learn about geology at the Miner's Pick.


Go on a Haunted Tour.


Watch gorgeous leather goods being made before your eyes at Altai.


Try on sexy lingerie at My Vintage Vixen.


Shoot some hoops on the basketball court (byoBALL!) in the lower park or try out the swings in the upper park.


Take a quick trip south of the border at Magdalena's Bazaar.


Watch a local painter capture the charm of Jerome plein-aire style.


Get a bitchin' tattoo.


18.Do some wine tasting at Caduceus, Grapes, or the Jerome Winery.


Learn to knit at Knit One, Bead 2.


Prowl the halls of the Old Jerome High School and meet the artists working there.


Get refreshed with some awesome espresso at The Flatiron Café and Mojo to Go.


Feel the thrill of a fresh snowfall.


Buy wedding rings at Aurum.


Go for a walk back in time.


Take a yoga class at Spook Hall on Wednesday night.


Check out the famous Sliding Jail!


Learn to do Magic from Mr. B.


Think you got talent? Show off at Mile High's karaoke night or Open Mic at 15.quince and the Spirit Room.


Go get some class at Pura Vida.


Look through ALL the kaleidoscopes at Nelly Bly.


Find out how many stairs you can climb!


Tour the historic Liberty Theater.


Do some research at the Jerome Historical Society archives.


Enjoy the shade when it's 112 in Phoenix.


Get a bottle of wine or pick up necessary items at the Twin Star Market.


Learn about Jerome's fascinating history at the Mine Museum and the New State Motor Company Museum.


Marvel at our spring flowers (many of our roses and purple irises go back generations!)


Go in search of our remaining cobblestone streets.


Have a picnic in the park. (we have 3!)


See how many coins you can toss into the out house at the Bartlett Hotel.


Take a picture of your pals at Kodak Point (or any where else in town!)


Sit in your car and rock out, listening to Jerome's own AM1670 GulchRadio (streaming at gulchradio.com)


Buy real local art at the Jerome Artists Co-op, Cody DeLong Studio, 527 or Lincoln Gallery.


Think ahead for the holidays at Mooey Christmas & Udder Things.45."Have your cake and eat it too" at Gisele's Bakery.


Read the bumper stickers on the back of Bonnie's Volkswagen bus.


Stock up on your "bling" at Raspberry's.


Trick out your bike at Scooter Trash.


Mail your post cards home at the Jerome Post Office.


Mistake our J "nightlight" for an alien space craft.

About Jerome Arizona

Jerome Arizona in 1900

photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, "Take the Long View" Panoramic Prints


The area around what is now Jerome was mined for silver and copper since the Spanish colonial era when Arizona was part of New Spain.


A mining camp named Jerome was established atop "Cleopatra Hill" in 1883. It was named for Eugene Murray Jerome, a New York investor who owned the mineral rights and financed mining there. Eugene Jerome never visited his namesake town. Jerome was incorporated as a town on 8 March 1889. The town housed the workers in the nearby United Verde Mine, which was said to produce over 1 billion dollars in ore over the next 70 years. Jerome was reincorporated as a city in 1899 and a building code specifying brick or masonry construction instituted to end the frequent fires that had repeatedly burned up sections of the town previously. Jerome became a notorious "wild west" town, a hotbed of prostitution, gambling, and vice. On 5 February 1903, the New York Sun proclaimed Jerome to be "the wickedest town in the West". In 1915 the population of Jerome was estimated at 2,500.

The United Verde Mine Smelter in 1910

photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, "Take the Long View" Panoramic Prints

Jerome Deportation

Starting in May of 1917 there was a series of miners strikes, in part organized by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). On 10 July of that year armed agents of the mine owners roughly rounded up all the labor union organizers and unionized miners on to railroad cattle cars, on 12 July letting them out near Kingman, Arizona after they were warned not to return to Jerome if they valued their lives. This incident is known as the Jerome Deportation. This event would ultimately serve as a prelude to the larger and more well-known Bisbee Deportation.

Great Jerome Fire

In 1918 fires spread out of control over 22 miles of underground mines. This prompted the end of underground mining in favor of open pit mining. For decades dynamite was used to open up pits in the area, frequently shaking the town and sometimes damaging or moving buildings; after one blast in the 1930s the city jail slid one block down hill intact. In the late 1920s Jerome's population was over 15,000.

The Verde Valley from above Jerome Arizona in 1900

photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, "Take the Long View" Panoramic Prints

Mining Decline and Closure

In 1953 the last of Jerome's mines closed, and much of the population left town. Jerome's population reached a low point of about 50 people in the late 1950s. In 1967 Jerome was designated a Historic District, and a National Historic Landmark in 1976.

Modern Jerome: tourism and art

Today Jerome is a tourist attraction, with many abandoned and refurbished buildings from its boom town days. Jerome is the location of an extensive mining museum, presenting the town history, labor-management disputes, geological structure models, spectacular mineral samples, and equipment used in both underground and open-pit mining. In 1983, California folk-singer Kate Wolf wrote the song "Old Jerome" after visiting the town. In 1987 the town council adopted it as their official town song. Jerome is known as Arizona's Art Destination with over 30 galleries and working studios. In September of 2006, First Saturday Art Walk began and has become a favorite monthly event.

January Snow in Jerome Arizona

January Snow in Jerome ~ © 2007 Ron Chilston Photography, all rights reserved

The above information courtesy of www.wikipedia.org